Administrative services

The Sky Links will be responsible for the following administrative services:

  • Collection of rent and security deposits on behalf of Landlord.
  • Coordinate tenant move-in ensuring the Property is ready for occupation and has been de-snagged, condition report completed, signed lease agreement on file, keys delivery, and that DEWA details have been transferred in the new tenants account.
  • Coordinate tenant move-out ensuring the Property has been vacated, keys and access cards returned, inspection report completed with tenant’s acknowledgement including any deductions for damages and repair, and that DEWA’ details have been disconnected from outgoing tenant with evidence of final bill payment.

Tenant services

The Sky Links property pool shall be responsible for the following tenant services:

  • Renewal of tenancy contracts
  • Termination of tenancy contracts

Maintenance Supervision Services

  • The Sky Links shall act as association between the Landlord and contracted reputable maintenance suppliers.
  • The Sky Links shall manage the negotiation of all contracts from maintenance contractors, suppliers and other services related to the maintenance of the Property.
  • The Landlord shall have to bear the costs of repairs and replacements reasonably necessary to keep the Property in a habitable condition, and any amount exceeding AED 1000 (One Thousand Arab Emirates Dirham) must be approved by the Landlord except in case of emergency wherein the repairs/ replacements are needed to protect and preserve the Property. Approval procedure through email or Whatsapp, or any other mode of communication, in case of no response for more than three (3) days, by default it is approved.
  • The Sky Links shall ensure that occupied units that are to be vacated will be inspected as soon as the existing tenant vacates the Property. Any rectification works for damages caused by the tenant, taking into account normal wear and tear will be deducted from the tenant security deposit.

Additional services

  • The services to be performed by the Sky Links as set out in clauses 4.2 and 4.3 hereof shall be included within the fee payable by the Landlord under Item No. 4 of the Particulars hereof. If the Landlord so elects, Landlord can request that the Sky Links also carries out additional services and if the Sky Links agrees to carry out such services then the fee for these shall be in addition to the fee payable by the Landlord under Item No. 4 of the Particulars hereof and shall be agreed upon between the parties prior to the Sky Links carrying out any such additional services.
  • If the Sky Links is required to hire an attorney to deal with and perform any such legal proceedings then the Landlord shall be responsible for the fees, costs and disbursements of the attorney and all other such costs ancillary to such proceedings including any fee payable to the Sky Links in dealing with such matters. If the Landlord wishes to hire its own attorney or to otherwise deal with the legal proceedings itself then he shall notify the Sky Links accordingly and the Sky Links shall immediately cease to deal with all such matters provided that this shall be without prejudice to the Landlord’s obligation to reimburse to Sky Links and pay for all legal and other
    costs incurred by the Sky Links up to that time.